A Business Stay, Abraham’s Way

Abraham Business is expanding our world-renowned hospitality to the growing crowd of young business travelers visiting Tel Aviv. Our vision is to bring a new and exciting edge to business travel, covering all of your needs for an entirely carefree experience from start to finish. Centrally located in Israel’s bustling start-up and nightlife scene, we combine work with all the benefits of a fun urban environment and bring people together as a welcoming and vibrant meeting place. We aim to provide everything you need through offering comfortable rooms, co-working spaces, daily events, transportation and tours for an all-inclusive business travel package.


From backpackers to business people, our chain evolves with our clients and recognizes the distinct travel needs of young entrepreneurs and companies. Abraham Business is part of the highly acclaimed and award-winning Abraham Hostels and Tours brand that operates out of three major tourism hubs in Israel - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Nazareth. This unique integration of hostels and tours allows us to offer visitors all-inclusive travel packages across the country.


The chain, which offers the Abraham Bus, allows guests to effortlessly visit each of the Abraham Hostel and Tour locations and mobilize visitors throughout Israel. The three brother hostels, each with their own distinct character, continue to provide true hospitality,



Six years ago, the chain was founded by visionaries Maoz Inon, Gal Mor, Nitzan Kimchi, Yaron Burgin and Dror Tishler who dreamed of a hostel that would bring travelers together and serve as a one-stop-shop, providing everything from an affordable bed, trustworthy travel information, tours & transportation throughout Israel, and immersive cultural events.


Our brand is inspired by Abraham, the father of monotheism and the first known person to travel throughout the Middle East. He journeyed throughout the lands between the Nile and Euphrates, accepting hospitality from those whose homes he visited, and extending hospitality to anyone who passed near his tent. Today, we offer Abraham’s unparalleled hospitality to our time and to our guests. We don’t simply provide a comfortable place to sleep—We are dedicated to making travelers and business people feel like a part of our unique international community, where people come together and enjoy, explore and learn about Israel.


Abraham Hostel and Tours began with the Fauzi Azar Inn (Founded by Maoz and later joined the chain), the first guesthouse of its kind in the old city of Nazareth. The 200-year-old Arab mansion features 15 rooms and 50 beds in an intimate and unique old-world atmosphere. The chain’s first and world-famous tour, the Jesus Trail, begins at the Fauzi Azar Inn, providing travelers adventurous hiking routes following the steps of Jesus throughout significant biblical locations. The Fauzi Azar Inn and Jesus Trail quickly became well-known offer for changing the perceptions surrounding Nazareth and catalyzing a robust community of local and businesses and travelers, earning the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Award for “Best Accommodation for Local Communities.”  Today, the chain hosts a wide variety of tours throughout Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, offering hostel guests a one-stop hub to socialize and explore the region with fellow travelers.


In 2010, the partner’s opened the Abraham Hostel Jerusalem with 75 rooms and 285 beds, boasting a central location in the city-center and immersive tours and events. The hostel rapidly gained recognition and praise from highly-satisfied travelers who enjoyed the hostel’s cozy and laid-back atmosphere and all-inclusive travel packages. The Jerusalem hostel is recognized by Hostelworld as the “5th Best Large Hostel in the World” and is named the “Mecca of Budget Travelers” by Lonely Planet.


Driven by their success in Jerusalem, the partners developed the trendy and dynamic Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv with 90 rooms and 390 beds, which stays true to the warm hospitality of the brand with an urban atmosphere. The location, based in the center of Tel Aviv’s buzzing nightlife scene and start-up hub, is a short walk away from the beautiful coastline and main cultural attractions.


Abraham Tours offers daily tours and packages exploring the major attractions of the region, including Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, West Bank, Jordan and Petra. Each tour is carefully designed for travelers to discover the best sites & scenes Israel has to offer. Our fun-packed and engaging excursions ensure a memorable experience for our travelers, with all tours leaving in small groups.


Additionally, we provide tailor-made tour services to suit your specific needs. Our expert travel team can arrange your entire trip, from guides, accommodation, transportation and more. We also provide transportation services to the international airport and major cities in Israel. Our professional transportation service allows ease of mind for travelers needing to comfortably commute between cities and destinations.